UrologyJournal.US is one of the most highly respected medical journals on the web. It presents unparalleled coverage of contemporary urological opinion, clinical reports and studies, innovations and developments.

Every issue gives invaluable practical information in the form of primary papers, review articles, case reports, basic science articles, correspondence and book reviews and reports of meetings.

The Journal of Urology sends hearty greetings from Baltimore to the British Journal of Urology, and enthusiastically welcomes it into the important field of urological literature. Urology was indeed almost without representation in the English journalistic field until a few years ago, while the French and German were so richly provided, and also, more recently, the Italian and Spanish.

Urologists have largely been forced to publish their English articles in journals devoted to general medicine and surgery. To meet the need of a special publication in America, the Journal of Urology was founded ten years ago, and after a stormy beginning during the War, it has passed into smooth seas.

The editors of the Journal of Urology are confident that, with the distinguished editorial board which the Journal of Urology possesses, an immediately successful future is assured. That the Journal of Urology will do much to arouse interest, stimulate research and effect great progress in this most attractive and scientific field of surgery is certain. Bon voyage.

Hugh Haniton Senior Editor, Journal of Urology (U.S.A.).